Failing Governance in a Globalised Economy: the role of civil society

Article published on Feb. 11, 2008
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Article published on Feb. 11, 2008
Dear all, We are pleased to invite you at this conference hosted by the Madariaga European Foundation, in partnership with cafebabel.

The Founder of Transparency International, Dr Peter Eigen, will present his views on how to best fight global corruption on Tuesday February 12th at the Madariaga European Foundation, rue Royale 87, Brussels, at 12:30

Peter Eigen, creator of Transparency International, is a strong advocate of civil society as a major global force for social change. He describes how, in a world of globalization, civil society members can and must fill a vacuum on behalf of ordinary citizens. He describes how members of civil society can work together and with the business community, governments and academia to change their world decisively.