Fact and fiction meet at Turin

Article published on Nov. 25, 2008
Article published on Nov. 25, 2008
Demonstrating against the tragedies in Rivoli, a town near Turin where Saturday a student was killed when a school collapsed, and Thyssen, the Turin factory where seven workers were killed last year, a spontaneous procession interrupted the Turin Film Festival, directed by Nanni Moretti, stopping screenings for several minutes and inviting audiences to join the demonstrators.

Coincidentally, last night also saw the screening of Uso improprio by Luca Gasparini and Alberto Masi (in competition in the Italiana.doc section), a film that has also made news, going beyond what the filmmakers had originally intended or imagined.

“We wanted to make a documentary on the All Reds sports club, which is in the occupied ex-Cinodromo in Roma”, says Gasparini, who at nearly 50 had gone back to playing rugby with the team from the social centre, Acrobax. Then two of the young “squatters” died: one while working as a messenger, the other stabbed by a young fascist. Thus, what was originally an intimate story of a newfound competitive sports spirit transformed into a film on politics as well.

Made for €25,000 Uso improprio was produced by Vivo Film, also at the festival with Chiara Malta’s Armando e la politica and which is vying for a Production Award at the TorinoFilmLab with Michelangelo Frammartino’s Le quattro volte.

The latter will go into production in February. "It is an Italian/Swiss/German co-production that so far has received backing from Eurimages and the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg,” said the company’s head of project development, Francesca Zanza, who announced she has also started work on Daniele Vicari’s next project, co-produced with Minollo Film.

“It will be an interactive blue-ray film comprising Edo (a feature that will be released theatrically and already has financing from the MEDIA Programme) and eight shorts that tackle the G8 Summit in Genoa from the point of view of those who were there: journalists, police officers and demonstrators, both Italians and foreigners”.

Gabriele Barcaro Cineuropa.org