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Article published on Sept. 8, 2007
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Article published on Sept. 8, 2007
For you, Just a few hours, few moments to spend in this city where I passed outstanding moments. Here are some smiles, some faces and hope. The young Mohamed, 4 , who was so excited that day to see his uncle Ahmed again who was released. It was the day when Israelis authorities released 250 Palestinan prisonners. Mohamed is one of those children who play theater everyday.
Mustafa, the great Mustafa, courageous, hard-worker and rebel. Here is perhaps the most beautiful sign of hope I experienced here. He is still here and dreams of a free country, he studies, he fights with his words and his labor. He helped me a lot and he often opened my eyes concerning paradoxs that exist here. Fanatism and Occupation. Frustration and Despair. He is just 21 and he is already a mature man, he dreams to travel to Canada and in ....France. I don't know why I have heavy heart by writing this, I hardly see keyboard's keys, leave him? it's maybe the reason, but I think that saying him "good bye" here is not easy, "inch alla" (if God wants) take a cold sense in my mouth.

A long and cold breath that sounds in my heart and shudders my thoughts. Some go abroad to study and don't have the possibility to go back to the country. The Jewish state forbide their entrance for "security" reasons. When will they see again their families, their villages and friends? To all of them, keep hope. Mustafa is part of this hope which grows in this wave of pain and injustice...and he also thinks of you. A group of teenagers from Jenin "the city" smiles, a step forward...see well those faces. Yesterday night an Israeli stolen car mowed those youths down who were coming back home, a young lady is in the hospital, others were put under observation. How a stolen car in Israel could be found in Jenin whereas NOTHING is able to go in or out... and in hands of ... I'm so angry. I send you these faces, their smiles and hope....yes, believe me there is hope. I see it everyday, in each look, and I leave them with that impression. Tribute to who they are in their mistakes and victories.

Kind regards.

Franck Saurel

Translated from French by: Hanan ben Rhouma