Extremists, Communists like fascists

Article published on May 6, 2010
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Article published on May 6, 2010
Yesteday three people died from asphyxia because they EXERCISED THEIR RIGHT TO WORK! In DEMOCRACY YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE. But no, for the leftists and for syndicalists they were strikebreakers, no normal peolpe that they may work for 700 euros or they work to pay mortgages etc. Lets consider who is always protesting in Greere carefree? Only public servants!
They have vested rights that with the new mesures they are forced to shrink! Who else???

Today, outside the bank that these peolpe died, syndicalists were fighting about..."oh! common they should't have gone to work, it was a general strike" The day before extremists-communists broke Acropolis like it was a common apartment to put their banner. And what actually did they achieve apart from advertizing their political party? Did they asked us Greeks if we share their opinion. No they impose it like fascists...

Treir leader is as hypocrite as all major political partie's leaders here. She "knew" all these years....