Evolving the Fashion of Colors in Clothing

Article published on Aug. 10, 2016
Article published on Aug. 10, 2016

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Colors have known to move people to new horizons or make them express themselves in a different way. Influenced with so many color choices, they have an impact on people, followed by curiosity and exploration. Each color has a deeper meaning to itself which represents something of value and has that nostalgic feeling to it. Like black is the color of power, red is the color of passion, blue is the color of comfort and calmness. Likewise, designers have always been inspired for their bold color usage that they illustrate in designs, shapes or lines.  With great designers like Picasso, Sam Falls or Esther Stewart, they all had their own intrinsic appreciation for the vibrant colors that they used in their own artistic way.

Here we would like to outline some stylish color fashion choices for your apparel or clothing line which would make you express yourself in a different way than usual and can be attributed to your personality as well.

With uncertainty of colors come unrealistic fashion choices, so for this purpose we bring you the best 5 fashion colors and their meaning with their personality characteristics.    

The Chic Pink

Every girl has grown up with Barbie as her best friend. Even though Barbie is a fashionably elegant doll, she is always found to be wearing pink colored apparel, as pink is a soothing calm color yet persuasive. The color conveys a message of compassion and a sense of composure - thus making it an ideal choice choice for girls for all their feminine attributes and habits. It is the perfect color for that sweet serene feeling to reflect your personality. 

Best combination outfit choice in this color would be a nice Sleeveless Pleat Dress, paired with a bauble stone petal pink necklace by Sophie & Trey for your spring or summer seasons.

 The Calm Blue

Airy, light and weightless, just as a calm sky, the color embodies the basic personality characteristic of a female, bringing that feeling of calmness and peace with the connected sense of nature and space in a happier and energetic context.

Try an oversized lace tee by Dorothy Perkins and pair it up with a pair of  denim shorts to complete your look.

The Evoking Yellow

With calm colors, one must also look towards the brighter side of life. So to welcome the summer season, be on the lookout for the vibrant yellow colored fashion ensemble. It represents inspiration and encouragement for celebration and success and is always a perfect color choice to adapt to sunny beaches or pool parties.

Try a Needle & Thread Foliage Embellished Top to cast a love spell on summer occasions

The Exciting Red

If you want to feel like a rebellious, free spirited woman then red is definitely your color. Red is the color to incite passion, excitement, pleasure and enthusiasm. Also, the color is one of the most adapted color choice for prom nights or anniversary celebrated occasions. 

Red lingerie or bikini is always a popular choice to induce passion and lust. Try out a tank top for a more refined sophisticated clothing choice.

The Subtle Grey

Grey is seen as a neutral color as well as a color of prestige and status quo. It is one of those bold colors to provoke an emotional feeling of classicism, restraint and harmony. You would probably know more about this color if you have seen the movie ‘fifty shades of grey’ in its own meaning.

The color is mostly preferred for suiting styles or to have that corporate look.

So there you have it, all the perfect color choices for your fashion attributes. These color options are sure to attract anyone who sets their eyes on it. These colors would invite conversations and would give immediate credit to your wardrobe apparel choices, proving that you live your life in the world obsessed with colors.

For more info on the fashion of colors, check out this periodic table of fashion to pick your favorite colors for your perfect fashion choices.