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Article published on March 31, 2008
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Article published on March 31, 2008
There are thousands of planets in the space, but only one of them is meant to be our place. There are living thousands of people, thousands of different nations, thoughts and explanations. But there is something that is making us the same: the earth! There are seve different mainlands but for us imaportant one. There are countries, there are borders, Europe is important one.

In 1951, six countries in Europe did one become. Years are passing by and number is now high.

There are 27 different nation, connected in one without borders or hinderes. But particulary of each one makes invisible, unformal borders.

by students from Gimnagyia of Ptuj

If there were no borders

If there were no borders, countries would not fight, they would give each other a hand, if there were no borders.

If we could erase borders, we could save the world, we could travel faster, and neighbours would be friends.

borders only devide us, for all we blame our neighbours, only some can sleep in peace, which are not acquainted with border mess.

if there were no borders, people would not divide anymore, would not blame anymore, if there only were no borders. If I were a border

If I were a border I would cancel myself for 27 countries it realy would help.

For people would smile put their guns on a pile then throw them away and shout loud HOORAY!

A flight to your friend would be cheaper than bread and none would worry their little head.

And seven continents would not need condiments to live in a world wide land of consent.

If I were a border I 'd hide under ground and people that wolk, would never be bound. Cuz I am not a border, I am a human, I know, and I want a word of freedom fo 'she'!