European Socialist Party opposes to Polish "moral clause"

Article published on July 19, 2007
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Article published on July 19, 2007
Anna Colombo has positively responded to an internet campaign directed to the presidency of the Commission, the European parliamentary groups and the Portuguese prime-minister and protesting against the moral exception imposed by Poland, which will allow its government to stop its citizens of appealing to European justice whenever the “family values” might be at stake.

In her response, the General Secretary of the European Socialist Party affirms that “In this respect we fully share [the protestors] concerns about the derogation granted to Poland in the field of fundamental rights. We do believe indeed that this derogation may lead to double standards in Europe, and this in a policy area at the very heart of our ethical values. Therefore I can ensure […] that our Group will carefully follow the work of the IGC, especially with regard to this matter.” We will have to wait and see which can be the consequences of such a position from the ESP concerning the negotiations towards a new European treaty. We must also remember that the Portuguese government, holding EU’s presidency, is a socialist one.

Author: Igor Caldeira