European Poster Contest in Germany

Article published on May 4, 2009
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Article published on May 4, 2009
How to motivate first-time voters to make use of their rights? When old folks think about this question, they come up with an answer quite fast. Young people will do a much better job to motivate their peers than the old ones could ever do.
So, aktion europa, consisting of the German government, the European commission and the European parliament, arranged the poster contest “Schöner Wählen” - “Nicer Voting”.

1.platz-schuhe_1.jpg From June 7th 2008 on, more than 5000 youngsters entered the competition and 1612 posters have been turned in. In February 2009, the jury nominated three winning teams whose posters have been presented to the public on April 24th 2009 in Berlin. As a reward for the hard work, 50 000 posters and 500 000 postcards will be printed and distributed previous to the elections. Here you can find the winning posters and also a selection of those which had been short-listed.