Europe, Roma, Dublin Convention...Let sleeping dogs lie

Article published on Sept. 19, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 19, 2010
Let us think for a while!
Sarcozy is the devil when he kicks out Roma but when all European countries kick out all illigal immigrants and back to the State of entrance to EU, -God bless Dublin II Regulation (that determines: the State that MUST process the asylum application is the State of entrance and provides for the transfer of an asylum seeker to the said State (read: is not my problem)- then its cool eh!

It sounds a bit hypocrite? Suddenly there is a problem of human rights..

Welcome Europe to Procrustes' bed, time to face your dead ends. No win-win situation..

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Of course its the european law as well but com on, illigal Roma people are treated like Pakistanian people and all unwanted immigrants due to their survival mode.

The implementation of the Dublin Regulation provides for the return of illegal immigrants to the country of entrance, the so-called “safe first country” of the European Union which unfortunately the overwhelming proportion is Greece, a country with over 3.000 islands, the first East and West country of the EU, which accepts a huge burden and is a problem which in the coming years will constantly expands.

And what do they say the rest of European contries, when you are able to read regulations between/behind the lines, what you get: Is not my problem!

To put it starkly Sarcozy is not doing anything different from what is already happening in Europe, he just decides that Roma people is not his problem!

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STOP deportations to Greece

According to tvxs. gr, Susanne Lindholm, candidate for the Christian Democrat party in the upcoming elections in Sweden, she has asked the Swedish Authorities to stop deportations of immigrants in Greece until the country can guarantee a decent and safe examination of requests for asylum.

It is as obvious as an elephant in church that since the country that a person first arrived in is responsible for dealing with the application, this puts excessive pressure on border areas, where States are often least able to offer asylum seekers support and protection. Currently, those being transferred under Dublin are not always able to access an asylum procedure. This puts people at risk of being returned to persecution.

In her article, she repeats the known statements by Amnesty International, Red Cross and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on the lack of legal security of asylum seekers in Greece and lists the risks involved there. Then, she asked the Swedish Authorities to stop deportation to Greece under the Dublin Regulation.

Susanne Lindholm describes the recent decision of the Court of First Instance of Malmö, which halted the return of five people seeking asylum in Greece, as "a light in darkness" and comes to the party slogan: "A more humanitarian Sweden.

"A light in the dark for about 100 people in Sweden, currently subject to the Dublin Regulation. Therefore, she demanded to cease forthwith the deportation to Greece (from Sweden), until the country can guarantee a decent and safe examination of requests for immunity. We want to see a more humanitarian Sweden, ".

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Greece has the role of watchdog for the European Union, “Dublin II” and according to the blog, the country serves the racist agendas of the more powerful states of the European Union who, while claiming to respect asylum rights, never cease to fund externalisation projects to prevent refugees from entering their territory. In this sense, the European Commission provided funds for the Greek system of handling asylum and migration control. (For more info:

Sacozy's reply to Commissioner Reding is You take them to your country, Luxembourg! What would it be your answer?

In the meantime France sells some submarines to Greece, to help re-MOVE those "unwanted".

What? Is not your problem?