Europe 'on the ground'

Article published on May 4, 2007
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Article published on May 4, 2007
Want to discover the 'European' side of a city? Want to go beyond the tourist traps and get to the real picture? This is the place for you! This blog accompanies's innovative European journalism project - 5 journalists, 4 days, 1 city: Europe 'on the ground'!
The results of these excursions are published in the magazine's section, but to go even further, the journalists involved will add their thoughts, photos, videos, sounds and experiences to this blog.


Follow them to the suburbs of Seville, to the hotspots of Lisbon, to a lovely little place in the backstreets of Bucharest...Their trip will be your trip - minus the travel sickness!Every month - a new destination! Feel free to share your own experiences, give us your travel tips, places to visit, interesting developments that merit a trip to your city!