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Article published on July 15, 2010
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Article published on July 15, 2010
Salut ! Europalive is a project which started with one basic thought : get to know who Europeans are today. From there, I thought I probably should go and ask them by myself. Once you 've decided you have to do something, nothing should stop you, so with my small savings and my two passions (human contact and making films) I grabbed a train ticket for 15 countries valid 30 days.
This trip started in Italy, and then further on in 24 countries during the course of 10 weeks. A fantastic and exhausting solo adventure, which resulted in a lot of data to work with, 140 interviews in 23 languages, a lot of editing and many translations and subtitles to be made as well... but today it's finally ready to be shared with you and everyone who wishes to see it ! The video content and the project's presentation are on for your consideration. Feel free to go and have a look, it's all dedicated to all possible audiences and purposes. Also if you have any comment, idea or suggestion feel free to get in touch with me. Professionals are welcome to reach me too, you can also find a presentation file on the website's pro page.

All the best to you, and to the 500 million people who live together in this little thing called the E.U.