Euro goes bling bling

Article published on Feb. 12, 2008
Article published on Feb. 12, 2008

There we go. Our dearest stars got into the Euro. And I’m talking big (stars)… Brazilian top-model, Leonardo Di Caprio’s ex and Dolce & Gabbana’s icon, Gisele Bündchen apparently had her contracts changed to be paid in euros. She’s done with the smackeroo! With a Euro/Dollar exchange rate over 1.40, the model did the maths.

Work more to make more (euros) and take advantage of shopping in Haute Couture shops of French or Italian designers in Paris and Milan.

Another one in the international glitterati: the rappers big boss Jay Z. In his last video "Blue Magic", the head business man of the music empire Rockfella Records rides the streets of New York City in a large old fashioned car where by his side sits a brief case full of €500 bills that he counts and recounts later in the video with delectation.

Then, when is the euro going to be the single currency in NY stock exchange?