EU Summit: the game starts now for Greece to recover

Article published on March 12, 2011
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Article published on March 12, 2011
And yes, we 've made it.. The Eurozone leaders agreed to lower the interest on loans to Greece by 100 basis points and to extend the maturities of the credit to 7.5 years from 3 years. We certainly congratulate the Greek government for its effort, since this is a decision which helps the Greek people and the greek economy which is one step before bankruptcy. And now what?

Now the game will be played in Athens. 

The Europeans gave Greece a ''kiss of life'' and rewarded the country for the measures taken but now everything will be judged in Athens and not in Brussels.

It is necessary for the government to start working and promote reforms no matter how ''difficult'' they seem to be. Politicians now should start doing politics and find ways to restart the economy and form the political alliances needed to save the country.

It is very important for the opposition as well to get serious and help to save the country. Today the whole political system seems non-credible and guilty for the current situation. It is important to help at this critical point and then judge those responsible. When a ship is sinking, you first throw out the water and then you judge the crew, not vice versa..

Those who ''bet'' on the bankruptcy and circulated emails that the country will go bankrupt on the 25th of March have simply not understood the magnitude and the critical point at which we have arrived.

Today we ve got the clear message that Europe will not leave Greece to collapse. The question now is if Greeks will leave Greece or not..