Article published on Nov. 9, 2010
Article published on Nov. 9, 2010
The Third European Union Film Festival/2010 taking place in three cities: Beijing, Chengdu and Xi'an..Its offering a wide variety of feature and short Films from all over Europe! The Eu Film Festival which is financed by the Delegation of the European Union to China will take place till December 2, 2010 which is started on November 1, 2010..

Half of the Movies will be screened in commercial theaters in Beijing, Chengdu and Xian...

The second half of the films and 2 short film programmes will be screened at the following EU Cultural Centers and Institutes in Beijing:

Centre Culturel Français (French Cultural Centre), Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute), German Embassy School, Istituto Italiano di Cultura (the Italian Institute of Culture), Polish Embassy...

Films to be screened in commercial cinemas:

Cyprus: Kato Apo Ta Asteria (Under The Stars) by Christos Georgiou (87 min, Drama)Czech Republic: Babí léto (Autumn Spring) by Vladimír Michálek (95 min, Comedy / Drama / Family)Finland: Postia Pappi Jaakobille (Letters To Father Jacob) by Klaus Härö (115 min, Drama)France: L'Autre Dumas (Dumas)by Safy Nebbou (105 min, History / Romance / Drama)Greece: I Horodia Tou Haritona (Charriton's Choir) by Grigoris Karantinakis (116 min, Comedy)Ireland: 32A by Marian Quinn (90 min, Drama)Netherlands: De Hel Van '63 (The Hell Of '63) by Steven de Jong (108 min, Drama / Sport)Romania: Restul E Tacere (The Rest Is Silence) by Nae Caranfil (145 min, Comedy / Drama)Spain: La Vida Secreta De Las Palabras (The Secret Life Of Words) by Isabel Coixet (112 min, Drama)Sweden : Låt Den Rätte Komma In (Let The Right One In) by Tomas Alfredson (114 min, Fantasy Romance)UK: An Education by Lone Scherfig (95 min, Drama)


Belgium : De Zaak Alzheimer (The Alzheimer Case) by Erik Van Looy (120 min, Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller) Bulgaria : Mission London by Dimitar Mitovski (107 min, Comedy) Lithuania : Kolekcionierė (The Collectress) by Kristina Buožyte (84 min, Drama)

Films to be screened in EU Cultural Centres – Beijing only :

00219b46f0320e1d17a50c.jpgFeature Films:

Austria: Klimt by Raoul Ruiz ( 97 min, Biography / Drama) Denmark: To Verdener (Worlds Apart) by Niels Arden Oplev (116 min, Romance / Drama) Estonia: Vasha by Hannu Salonen (100 min, Crime / Drama / Thriller) Germany: Lila, Lila (My Words, My Lies – My Love) by Alain Gsponer (104 min, Comedy) Hungary: Czukor Show by Tamás Dömötör (118 / 128 min, Comedy / Drama) Italy: Vincere by Marco Bellochio (105 min, Biography / Drama / History) Malta: Kont Diga' (I Was, Already) by Mark Dingli (92 min,Drama) Poland: Rewers (The Reverse) by Borys Lankosz (99 min, Comedy / Drama / Romance / Thriller) Portugal: A Religiosa Portuguesa (The Portuguese Nun) by Eugène Green (127 min, Drama) Slovenia: Petelinji Zajtrk(Rooster's Breakfast) by Marko Nabersnik (124 min, Drama)

Short films:

Czech Republic: Fimfarum – Az Opada Listi Z Dubu by Vlasta Pospisilova (Fimfarum - When Oak Leaves Fall) (28 min Animation / Fantasy) Hungary: Maestro by Geza M. Toth (5 min, Animation / Comedy) Poland: Teaching Infinity by Jakubs Jabłoński and Bartłomiej Kik (15 min, Animation) France: 7.57am-pm by Simon Lelouch (11 min, Music) Malta: .303 by David Serge (10 min, War) Netherlands: Val Dood! (Drop Dead!) by Arne Toonen (10 min, Black comedy) Romania: Megatron by Marian Crisan (14 min, Drama)