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Article published on Dec. 2, 2008
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Article published on Dec. 2, 2008
EU Debate on the ground is the follow up project of our Europe on the ground (EOTG) / EU Reporter project and is aiming at anchoring the electoral debate on the ground for the upcoming European parliamentary elections in June 2009. Our local teams are at the very heart of this project as the hosts and organizers of the project. EU Debate on the ground brings together cafebabel.
com journalists on a monthly basis for 4 days in different European cities. These journalists from the 4 corners of Europe are converging in one city to analyse, investigate, report and compare to give a real European perspective to hopes and fears of people in your city regarding EU impact in a wide sense (jobs, cost of life, immigration, culture...)

A debate on a local issue of European interest is organized during the last day by our local team, which also helps the participants of the project in their work as fixers. The articles are then published on in our 6 linguistic versions. Check out for example the last dossier about Tallinn on the ground.

Strasbourg_débat Here you see the debate during the project, organized by our team in Strasbourg last February.