Estoril audiences meet directors, actors and critics

Article published on Nov. 19, 2008
Article published on Nov. 19, 2008
The second edition of Estoril Film Festival (November 14-23) offers audiences a selection of numerous European film premieres, as well as interesting sidebar programmes.

One is the round table Active Critism, organised in collaboration with Cahiers du Cinéma: an in-depth and varied analysis of the role of professional criticism in the contemporary press, comprising blogs, forums, “participatory criticism” and, to paraphrase medicine, “general criticism.” Participants discussed the definition of criticism, how is it changing, to what extent it can influence a film and what are its obstacles.

The event, moderated by Jean-Michel Frodon, director of Cahiers, was held Saturday, November 15 and was attended by some of the leading figures in European criticism, including director of the Cinémathèque Française Serge Toubiana, Jordi Costa of El Pais, Paolo Mereghetti of Corriere della Sera, Enrico Ghezzi, Jonathan Romney, Peter Vonbagh and João Lopes.

There are also numerous Q&As here at Estoril, with directors and actors (such as Stephen Frears, Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi) who along with festival director Paulo Branco, meet with audiences daily, between screenings.

This evening Paul Auster (also member of the festival jury) will speak to the public while yesterday saw the start of a two-day event dedicated to some of Europe’s most prestigious film schools, including the Femis in Paris, the London Film School and Prague’s FAMU.

However, the young festival despite its impressive programme and list of guests has limited audiences due to the fact that it takes place 20 km outside of Lisbon. The chance to see so many filmmakers, producers, distributors and actors at a single venue is rare in Portugal, and one hopes that local film lovers will start venturing out of the capital more often for events such as these.

Elisa Cimino