Estonian politicians used the Night Songs’ Holiday to aggravate the division of the population of Estonia

Article published on Aug. 27, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 27, 2008
The Deputy of Estonian Parliament Evelin Sepp is worried about the pathological situation created in Estonia, that overshadowed the Holiday ( ).
For example, 30% of population (it means the Russians and Russianspeakings) didn’t know anything about the Holiday and about the Anniversary of 90 years of the Estonian Republic, the Russianspeaking mass-media don’t give information to the Russianspeaking part of population, there was no one Russian choir on the Holiday but there was a Gerogian one invited. It’s necessary to precise that in Estonia lives a small Russianspeaking Estonian people – starovertsy.

The Night Songs' Holiday have shown the substance of the politics of the Estonian Government: exclusion, segregation and apartheid of Russianspeakings. Evelin Sepp, like many other personalities, deems the Holiday should unite the people and not to provoke new desagreements and conflicts.

Seeing the Georgia situation, the organizers of the Holiday have given the political colors to it. The solidarity to the Georgians (and Americans) was expressed even though a large part of population of Estonia (both Estonianspeakings and Russianspeakings), the Osetia and Abhkazia populations see Georgia as aggressor and violater of human rights. There are some Estonian villages in Abhkazia (potential victims of Georgia’s regime and politics) and their opinion is not respected. An Estonian Arnold Rutto who lives in Abkhazia said to the journalist that the international community have fogotten the right of small republics to self-determination (article on ). Bagrat Dzikaev – an Ossetian living in Estonia – declared to journalists: "It’s hard lie that Russia is an aggressor. Russia protect us – the Ossetians and the Abkhazians. No one Ossetian or Abkhazian would live out in Caucasus, if the Russian peacekeepers were not there", and told about the friendship of the Georgean and Russian peoples accentuating the complexity of the situation created owing to the Governmets’ faults ( ). Even the American TV have shown the intervew with a small girl and her aunt, where the truth is said and the fraud of mass-media disassembled.

The president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves gave the speech on the Holiday, ironically inviting the people of Estonia to have "a new look" at "democracy" and "liberty". The Estonian mass-media didn’t inform which language was used by president even though there was some bizzar incident in the past (the president refused to speak Estonian and Russian). On the congress of the Ugro-Finnic peoples, recently hold in Russia, Ilves incited the small peoples of Russia to fight for their freedom and independence of Russia, now the same Ilves don’t recognize the right the small peoples of Ossetia and Anhkazia to the same freedom and independence of Georgia – denying them the right to self-determination. By Ilves the right to self-determination have only the Russian peoples.

On the congress Ilves declared that while the small butterflies move their wings, the big countires feel this movement. The Estonian politicans are very confidential to the Georgian ones, so it’s possible to suppose that Ilves knew of the preparing of the "movement of the wings" of Georgia (aggression against Ossetia and extermination of its population). Maybe the Estonian Governmet wanted to do the same action against the Estonian Russianspekings and Georgia was only an experimentation…

The Estonian President is a protégé favourite of America (he is born in Sweden, studied and worked in America, don’t speak Estonian and Russian enough, refuses to speak Estonian and Russian in official situations pleading incoherent justifications, provokes the national and racial hatred among the Estonian people, makes dirty injuries and insults to the Russians and Russianspeakings, to Russia). The Georgian President Saakashvili resembles the Estonian President in lot of aspects, Saakashvili and Ilves have common elements in their behavour, both studied in America, both are not adequate to rule the country, both become Presidents in undemocratic sircumstances and both are not the representatives of the peoples. Tv showed Saakashvili eating his tie, now the people of Estonia can’t help joking: Ilves was put on a butterfly-tie to avoid eating of a classic tie (Ilves has always a butterfly-tie composed of colors of national flags of other counties and never in Estonian ones, braking the etiquette rules).

There were some Georgia flags and the solidarity expressed to the Georgian Government and against the rights of small repressed peoples. A small part of the visitors left the Holiday after such a politic demonstration but the most remained because it is really nice and particular event. Singing together gives an unforgettable emotion.

Mass-media inform that there were 70 000 persons on the Night Song Holiday.

A very nice article (In English) about the Holiday can be read at: .

The memners of the Government are not glad of low level of interest to the Holiday of the 20-th of August (the day of the restoration of the independence) and to the Anniversary expressed by population of Estonia. Rein Jarlik – the President of the Club of the 20-th of August (the members of this club are polticians who voted for independence of Estonia in the Suprem Council of Soviet Estonia 17 years ego) – declares that the missing of interest to the Holiday is the missing of the respect of the State, and he intends to began thinking about this fact.

Unfortunately, the politicans of Estonia don’t understand that the people of Estonia don’t think Estonia is really free and independent country.

One comment about Night Song Holiday from Internet:

"Ну прям концлагерь, 21.08.2008 12:37; В советские времена народу на певческом поле собиралось больше и пели они песни не со злобой в глазах. Мне в СССР не хочется, но то что вы сотворили с Эстонией это тюрьма для неэстонцев и этот режим где люди задыхаются от несвободы..."

( ).

Translation from Russian:

"It’s quite a concentration camp, 21.08.2008 12:37;  In the soviet time there were more persons on the Holiday and while they were singing they didn’t have angry in their eyes. I don’t want back into USSR, but what you have been doing with Estonia is only a prison for non-estonians and in this regime people suffocate of non-liberty".