Estonian "democracy" – the right to free expression has only one who is thinking like President

Article published on Sept. 3, 2008
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Article published on Sept. 3, 2008
After the Georgian aggression against Southern Ossetia the Estonian Parliament began to write a declaration composed of insults of Russia, false accusations and lies, comparing Russia with Nazis’ Germany and requesting other countries to punish Russia – all this without a mention of the roles of Georgia and the USA in the conflict.

A party headed by Edgar Savisaar offered to eleminate the insults, lies and propaganda from this document and his party was deprived of the right to take part in a discussion in the next reunion of the Parliament ( - "Tsentrists have refuse to call Russia "aggressor"). This is the Estonian democracy: who is not agree with the opinion of the President don’t have the right to express own position!

Savisaar observed that the Estonian’s Government doesn’t have "enough diplomatic contacts" with Russia (!!!) and that the total information about conflict is insufficient.

The Estonian politicians says that the Russia has a Hitler-style behavour, without mentioning they use themselves the elements of Hitler’s ideology for the politics of repression, segregation and discrimination of the Russianspeakings in Estonia. Saakashvili wasn’t compared with Hitler even though his own history is signed of many assassinations.

The only independent of America party was put in silence. Later the party voted against the bizzar declaration.

The public opinion must know that a part of the Estonian population is not agree with the declaration of the Estonian Parliament. It’s necessary to add that the Russianspeakings of Estonia (about 30% of the population) have not their representetiv in the Parliament and in the Government and their opinion is never respected (the Estoninan Constitution and the Low of language deny the real access of Russianspeakings to the political life).

The Estonian President took a part in a manifestation in Georgia at Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) with the Presidents of Latvia, Ucraina and Poland "jumping and hopping around Saakashvili and making declarations" – the President wasn’t authorized by Government, by Parliament, and by Estonian people to do it. The Minister of the Foreigh Affaires of Poland have precised that the Polish President gave only a "personal show" in Georgia and his opinion was only his personal opinion and non-reflecting the offical politics of Poland. The Estonian Government has omitted to make the same precision about the Estonian President.

A Russian politician Vladimir Zirinovskij accused Estonia in the partecipation in the war conflict – it seems some Estonians were entered into Georgian/American Army. It’s not clear whether the fact is truth, but it’s not a nice declaration for Estonia. An indefinit quantity of the Estonians came to Georgia and nobody know what they are doing there. Considering the recent brutal and inhuman militar game at Nazi Erna battalion, held in Estonia form 6 till 9 of August, we can suppose that its partecipant – amaturs of brutality and Nazis’ crimes – have left to Georgia after the game finish with aim to partecipate in real war conflict and to give vent to one’s instincts ispired with Hitler’s ideology. Saakashvili has refused to take the bodies of his killed sodiers – this fact conducts us to think that there are not only Georgian soldiers killed but the other nationalities/countries soldiers too.

The Estonian politichans says only about the integrity of the border of Georgia and denys the right to self-determination to Ossetian and Abhkazian peoples. They have fogotten that it was first Russia to recognize the independence of Estonia in 1920 and 1991 – when Estonia was born and when Estonia parted with the USSR. The Estonians are a small people like Ossetian and Abkhazian peoples are, their history resembles. The Estonian people should help and sustain other small peoples as logical consequence, but the USA propaganda sistem has tread on the Estonian history and has obliged the Estonian Parliament and Government to foget and refuse one’s history. Denying the right to self-determination of the peoples of Osetia and Abhkazia the Estonian Government is denying the right of Estonia to self-determination, it means the right of Russian Empire to integrity of its border and illegality of the self-determination of Estonia in 1920.

The Government of Estonia has organized a lot of manifestations supporting Georgia, its aggression into Ossetia, and exetrmination of civil population. There were used slogans like: "Putin and Medvedev must be judged", "Stop the Russian occupation". The slogans of opponents were: "Saakashvili, Stop genocide", "The usa and Georgia are new Fashists". "The Russians are Fashists" – cried participants and the Police didn’t arrest them, even such a frace is a crime based on racial hatred and intollerance. When some citizen cried: "Saakashvili is a criminal!", he was immediately arrested and taken away. The behavour of the Police mirrors the politics of the Estonian Government: who acts like President and according with his oredrs may compile crimes of injury, but the opponents may not.

The hatred of the Estonian politicians to the Russian people and their missing of the will to see the reality is dreadful. The omissions of the Policy and Gudge sistem are indescribable: public injuries and diffamations, based on racial and national hatred, are permitted to who is agree with official politics.

Some photos of the manofestations held in Estonia:, , a video: . The high level of agressivity and explicit tension are present. Estonian is a real gun-powder-magazine.

It’s amasing that the inhabitants of Estonia are so much interested of the Georgia question, while there are a lot of grave internal Estonian problems: hunger, violation of human rights…

One Georgian representative made a public speech in English, inviting Estonia to enter into the war, asking for money and soldiers. The listeners applauded him a lot, because maybe they didn’t undestand English well. The representetives of a famous Estonian anti-Fashist organization "Night watch" were insulted: "Occupants, Fashists, tibly (an Estonian imprecation)", but the Police didn’t intervene to protect them and their right to honour and personal dignity ( ).

On the 14-th of August a group of the Russianspeakings of Estonia manifested in front of the Russian Embassy expressing the solidarity to Russia in the defence of the rights of Ossetia and Abhkazia peoples, and asking for independence of Estonia for Russian territories of Estonia, the slogan "The Estonian Russians have also the right to self-determination" ( ). This is an explicit signal to the European Union attesting the apartheid regime in Estonia, segregation, and discrimination of Russianspeakings. The Russinaspeakings of Estonia don’t get any help from the EU, that’s why they search help from Russia.

Considering that both Estonian and Georgian regimes installed by the USA use the same sistem of the repression of the undesired citizens, the problems are generally the same. Mart Laar – an Soviet and Estonian politician, a re-writer of the history and glorifier of the Estonian Nazis – is a personal councellor of Saakashvili, therewith it’s possible to presume that Saakashvili and Laar have elaborated together the programm of the war against Ossetia and the program of extermination of the Ossetians.

"Estonia is only for the Estonians", "Georgia is only for the Georgians" – this is the ideology of the Estonian and Georgian Governments, even if some of governators has not the pure local blood and can’t be called "Estonian" or "Geogian". Other nationalities are said to: "Baggage, railway station, Russia", even if they are not Russians and have never been there, even if they are ancient local national minority.

The European Union should begin to reflect: why the Ossetians and the Abkhazians don’t want to be a part of Georgia, why the Russianspeakings of Estonia don’t want to be a part of Estonia, why the Russianspeakings of the Ukraina don’t want to be a part of the Ukraina? The reasons are: ceasless violation of the human rights, proNazi and proFashist tendences of the Governments, interferences of the USA into the internal affairs and politics, missing of real democracy, acute suffering of the victims of the regimes, hatred of the sufferers to the regimes. Everyone knows that the sufferer wull alwas fight for own’s rights and justice – it means we all are upon a gun-powder-magazine.

The urgent mesures for avoiding some new war conflict could be: introducing more official languages (for exmaple, in Estonia such second language is Russian), ceasing of racial, national and linguistic discrimination, abolition of injust low (in Estonia – the Low about language and some articles of the Constitution), ceasing of linguistic repressions and destoying of the educational sistem for the Russianspeakings, ceasing of the USA interferences. In the Soviet time the USA used the Baltic states with aim to render the USSR unstable, now the USA do the same to render instable the European Union.

Only severe mesures on defending the human rights can stop the finger posed on the trigger which has a power to oblige the American, British, French, German and other EU cointries soldiers to fight against the Russian Army.