Erdogan talks about Arms expenditure behind Greek economic crisis.

Article published on Oct. 9, 2010
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Article published on Oct. 9, 2010
Erdogan is undoubtedly a great leader. He leads a saber rattling, barbaric people which started from Mongolia, to a life and living, of European / Western standards (as defined by its positive aspects).


As mentioned by Yiannis Gounaris in his book European Utopia,

There are few who place cultural origins of modern Turkey more closely to the Asian steppes, from where the first Turkish nomadic tribes -before one millennium- had started their long journey towards the West, and the Islamic world in the Middle East, than close to Renaissance and the Enlightenment of Europe.

I believe this shift to be a historic moment for Turkey.

No matter the numerous internal problems with minorities and fierce conflicts, Erdogan is a political leader who leads Turkey in the future.

A few days ago, I read in Kathimerini newspaper that the Turkish prime minister stressed that "behind the economic crisis in Greece are the costs for military equipment, and he reffered to "the heavy cost of construction of imaginary enemies, stressing that "Turkey must not commit the same mistake.

According to the article, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking at the start of the academic year of the Piri Reis University in Istanbul, said that "before there was that popular moto that Turkey is surrounded on three sides by sea and from four sides by enemies . For years, we did nothing for the sea, instead we spent the energy and the hope of our country in the name of imaginary enemies. Turkey, worked for years with their imaginary enemies produced at home and abroad and was unable to devote time to the seas, its metals, its rivers, and most importantly, in HUMAN, to the human potential, to young people, children and education, namely the future. "

The Turkish Prime Minister said that his government is trying these eight years to reverse this perception and he referred to the economic crisis in Greece. "Behind this crisis are the costs for equipment," said Erdogan and continued:

"For years they spent what they had to military equipment. Against whom? That is known. And what benefited from this?

Weapons technology and defense industry changes and grows constantly. When you spend money like that, you mortgage the future of your country. This was the heavy price for the construction of imaginary enemies for our neighbor. Turkey should not be indulged in the same error.''

My opinion? Turkey is no longer enemy of Greece. Memories of the invasion in Cyprus, of the events of Pogrom (September 1955), the destruction of Smyrna, the genocide of Pontian Greeks, are still fresh! But Erdogan, however, is right!

destruction_of_Smyrna.jpg Greeks abandoning their homes during the massacre and derstruction of Smyrna, 1922 foto:

Back to the so-called enemies, I personaly see more european economic enemies somewher between France and Germany and overseas, the arms suppliers and those who benefit from the instability and disruption of peace in a region.

Should Greeks have a two-door policy, as a two-face DIPLO-macy, (EU is ok but enough with hypocrisy) Erdogan is my neighbour..