Article published on Nov. 14, 2013
Article published on Nov. 14, 2013

Three Many Weddings is guaranteed to make you laugh. Ruth receives three invitations to weddings, to which she would prefer not to go: those of her three ex's. In the heat of a personal and professional crisis, her intern convinces her that she will not regret going to the weddings. A funny and original comedy that has you hooked from minute one.

List of credits

Title: Three Many Weddings

Year: 2012

Duration: 94 '

Country: Spain

Cast: Inma Cuesta, Martin Rivas, Quim Gutiérrez, Leon Alpaca, Rossy de Palma, Maria Botto, Laura Sanchez, Berto Romero.

Director: Javier Ruiz Boiler

Script: Breixo Corral and Pablo Alen

Music: Javier Rodero

Photography: Arnau Valls

Producer: Warner Bros

Opening in cinemas: 5th December 2013

Genre: Comedy.

Three Many Weddings, the lastest film by Javier Ruiz Boiler, has been chosen to start the Seville European Film Festival, which is in it's tenth year. The choice couldn't have been better. The film is hilarious, unexpected and has a perfect narrative rhythm that introduces the story and causes you to forget that what is being viewed on the screen is the life of another person.  Who hasn't felt a little like Ruth sometimes?

Ruth, played by a radiant Inma Cuesta, just experienced a painful breakup, and in the laboratory in which she is employed neither her boss nor her colleagues value her work. To top it off she has a slightly quirky mother, played by Rossy de Palma, who doesn't disappoint and adds her own touch to the film. Suddenly, three wedding invitations and an intern will disrupt everything. There is a happy ending, but not in the conventional way of romantic comedies. Nothing is as expected and Inma Cuesta emphasizes the freedom that the director has given her to improvise, “which makes each scene come alive”. Three Many Weddings is a film full of energy and joy, with a wonderful soundtrack, unable to leave you feeling indifferent.

Antonia Ceballos