[eng] Local Team of the Month of May

Article published on Sept. 18, 2014
Article published on Sept. 18, 2014

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In May the Viennese team was irresistible. For the European elections they questioned people on the streets, to find out what touches people and to challenge stereotypes. They like to share ideas in the fine Viennese style in coffee houses. The Viennese name paid off in the end: The local team of the month is from Vienna! See for yourself:

We don’t just have "Sachertorte" and horse-drawn carriage rides here. We are a real Viennese mix of cultures: from Vienna, Niš, Belgrade, Beirut, Paris and Warsaw – our Babelers are from all four corners of the world. Beyond that we all come from different educational backgrounds. Political science, viniculture, philosophy, media management, law, business information systems, history… We have experts in everything at our disposal. For onlookers we might seem chaotic and rowdy, but it is exactly that which gives us our charm at Babel Vienna and is a breath of fresh air on the old streets of Vienna.

This video was made for the European elections

In good times and in bad we meet each other in different restaurants and cafes to brainstorm new ideas. According to Vienese tradition, wine, coffee and cigarettes should always on hand. Topics are naturally very specific – it is always about God and the world.

Freshly out of winter hibernation, we are full of energy and enthusiasm. Even with other projects and interests on our plate, Cafebabel has been very close to our hearts in the last few months.

The editorial coffee in Babel Vienna is currently being served by: Irena Ilic, Mariam Hage, Alicia Prager, Mathias MarklFranciska Göweil, Segal Hussein, Dana Lucretia Radélle, Ines Fernau, Anastasia Hammerschmied, Alexandra Kuderski, Marie Gamillscheg, Sheena Keller and Theresia Bachmeier