[eng] Iran : The brave inhabitants of Liberty camp, Irak

Article published on Sept. 25, 2016
Article published on Sept. 25, 2016

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Their early evacuated friends welcomed them in Albania, with the well-known albanian warmth and solidarity. September 2016 could have been another bloodshed in Liberty Camp, if a truck full of rockets ready to be launched wouldn't have been found next to the refugee camp.

The Mullah regime underwent another hard blow as it tried to prevent the takeoff of the Iranian resistance that it tried to overcome with the embargo and multiple slaughters.

If other European states already welcomed Liberty Camp refugees (such as Germany, Finland, Norway, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Danemark, Italy, Spain), Albania is truly the one that opened the most its doors.

 Many of which left Liberty Camp are former survivors of the 1988 massacre of political captives in Iran.

A few weeks ago, the recording of ayatollah Montazeri, witness of the massacres, sent a chill throughout the government, and moreover, a hope to the nation. The hope that one day, this slaughter will finally be recognized by one as its true nature: a crime against humanity.

This further component should lead  the accountables in front of the International Criminal Court.

It is not thinkable that such horrifying acts are left unpunished.

On the transfer of the Iranian resistance of Liberty Camp, Albania:

• The 9th of Septemer 2016, the members left of the People's Mujahedin of Iran (MEK, PMOI), the main Iranian resistance group, have been transfered from Irak to Europe.

• These Iranian dissidents were in the past residents of the Achraf Camp and the Liberty Camp in Irak. The PMOI supports a democratic and tolerant understanding of Islam. Since 1986, thousands of PMOI members built from scratch and with their own assets Achraf Camp.

• Following the 2003 americain war in Irak, Achraf Camp's residents voluntarily disarmed towards America. In return, USA gave written guarantees for the security of all residents till their final resettlement.

•In 2009, the United-Sates handed Nouri al-Maliki government the security of the Achraf Camp which was under the control of the Mullahs , inspite of all the warnings of the residents and international organisations. The Iraqi Government (IGO) immediately established an inhuman blocus on the camp, depriving all residents of the most fundamental goods such as health care.

• Achraf Camp has been attcked three times by the IGO forces on demand of the Iranian government. About 100 settlers, men and women, were killed.

• Thanks to the efforts of the Iranian resistance and thanks to the help of international support, including the thousands of European Parlementaries as well as high officials of the American congress and to the support of dignitary american bipartisans, the settlers where moved outside Irak, mainly in Europe, and the majority has been transferred to Albania.