Article published on Feb. 19, 2008
Article published on Feb. 19, 2008
Über MCP. A faithful heir to anatomical encyclopaedias, let’s welcome Chikipedia, the atomic chick wiki!
Found out by the daily Argentinean Clarin, the website, recently launched and still a beta version, aims at pleasing all types of internauts by allowing them to get an eyeful and to discover spicy information about “the sexiest women of the moment”

Based on the collaborative concept of Wikipedia, this new communautary dictionary of the modern hottie, already counts thousands of articles and photos of celeb bombshellsin its database. Generally well equipped as far as the lips are concerned, or victims of mammry hypertrophy. Each amateur can hence bring his conscience and enrich the “pedagogical and interactive” contents of the page.

On top of rather charming photos, the articles boast serious educational qualities : you may be told indifferently about the colour of Paris Hilton’s mane, Jenna Jameson prosthesis’s size or Angelina Jolie’s so-called vices (i.e. Adoption). The catalogue is also full of ironical-existential questions such as “by gad! how many men did Britney Spears have intercourse with?”

In an unsurprising way, the comments are triggered by sulky models, curvaceous actresses and muscled sportswomen:  paragraphs about them relentlessly lengthen. The anaemic  Elizabeth II or Hilary Clinton, who do have their short bios, don’t seem to arouse curiosity. What about a chicopedia, guys?!

(Photo credit: JoonYoung.Kim's/flickr)