Don’t name the DX except which you could hear their sign

Article published on Sept. 13, 2016
Article published on Sept. 13, 2016

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A real-time link to Google Earth allows for one to peer what the satellite “sees” because it flies overhead – quality for shows!

DX is shorthand for "distance." DXing is the pursuit of distant stations with the intention of earning various DXCC Awards. A  amateur radio DXpedition is a go back and forth to function in a infrequent DXCC entity.


When the DX station acknowledges any one’s name, stop calling except the contact is accomplished. Wait unless you hear “QRZ” or whatever identical earlier than calling once more. (In CW pileups, the end of the contact may just simplest be signaled by means of the DX station sending his possess call signal.)

When calling, ship your call sign, not the decision of the DX station.

When a DX station is trying to variety out a call sign, he may just ship “W4? AGN,” that means that he hears a W4, however can’t make out the leisure of the call signal (AGN is a CW abbreviation for “once more.”) if you aren’t the station he is looking for, don’t name.

When you’re trying to make an SSB contact, that is more often than not a excellent time to make use of speech compression (or speech processing) in case your transceiver presents this selection.

If you make contact, ship most effective the know-how the DX operator desires, mainly your area and signal file.


Ham Radio Deluxe’s satellite tv for pc monitoring module takes the guesswork out of satellite tv for pc operations. Utilizing the cutting-edge orbital mechanics equations and up-to-the-minute Keplerian aspect knowledge downloaded from a type of trusted sources that you can predict satellite passes with confidence. Customizable visualization preserve you appraised of the satellite tv for pc’s foot print, projected course, and anticipated elevation for given passes. A real-time link to Google Earth allows for one to peer what the satellite “sees” because it flies overhead – quality for shows!

Actual-time tracking feeds azimuth and elevation know-how immediately to rotator manage for automatic positioning of satellite antenna systems. Satellite tv for pc tracking automatically calculates Doppler shift for the satellite’s transponders and sends tuning information to Rig control, keeping your radio locked within the transponder’s passband.


When a station suddenly pops up in a infrequent DXCC entity, US state or grid square, the outcomes is a chaotic swarm of signals as all people tries to make contact. We call these on-the-air mob scenes pileups.