Do we want Europe to go down?

Article published on May 20, 2010
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Article published on May 20, 2010
I do not like to hear Merkel alarming ”if we miss EURO, it will be also Europe lost" I hate to hear incapable politicians condemning whole nations. I hate to read or see covers of magazines with nationalities blaming one another 2000 years a.C. Politicians start crisis, they also fail to prevail crisis.

I always thought that political leaders failed to narrate the story of the European Union as a story of diffusion of Democracy.

And now what, are we infront of the biggest "existential" test for decades that Europe faces. Merkel said “The issue is precisely to maintain the European idea. This is our historical responsibility. If we miss Euro, it will be also Europe lost ", So this is it? We, the people of Europe can’t do anything?

utopia.jpg Is it so?

Europe is the only branch of International Law that succeded in this Planet.

Is the most original political project ever existed.

Is it about an "unfinished nation", an incomplete federal state or more a new type of cosmopolitan project?

Europe is not a faceless impersonal economic space but a society of values.

We are here to see if we can talk to each other as fellow Europeans, not French, Gaerman, Greek, conversatives, or liberals. At some point, we've got to work together or we are doomed to fail.

European plan should become once again synonym of enthousiasm and ambition.

Do we have the will and imagination to save Europe, do we see any Europe?

What will we inherit (our generation)?

I can not imagine Europe without European Union, DO YOU?