DGTL is Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum 

Article published on July 16, 2017
Article published on July 16, 2017

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DGTL is expanding and so is its approach to sustainable fiestas. With the programme DGTL Revolution it aims to raise awareness amongst the party crowd. Follow us to DGTL Barcelona and find out more about this green festival trendsetter.

The Dutch festival DGTL is known for energetic line-ups that get every electronic music lover excited, but the same is true for many festivals that fill our summer calendar. What makes DGTL special is its focus on sustainability. The DGTL Revolution continues, year after year, incorporating an array of innovative projects from the DGTL GreenHouse to the Trash and Separation Army. These green initiatives have begun setting a trend worldwide that aims at sparking a new wave of ecologically responsible festivals. 

The festival continues searching for new and innovative ways to reduce waste and eliminate CO2 emissions. A prime example took place last year at the festival's homebase, as DGTL Amsterdam 2016 was solely powered by green energy, used refundable hard cups and focused on catering services from pioneers in the field of sustainable and locally grown food.

In 2015, DGTL expanded to the sunny party metropole Barcelona. Its environmental philosophy followed suit and in 2016, a meat-free policy was introduced. In 2015, 3449 burgers were sold at the festival. However, by halting the sale meat, organizers claim to have saved 14 million litres of water and 53 tons of CO2 emissions, equalling 350 return flights from Amsterdam to Paris.  

DGTL goes beyond purely organizing sustainable parties and strives to raise awareness amongst its visitors and promote active participation. The aim is to become a zero-footprint festival and to spread its sustainability approach internationally with new editions to the festival taking place in São Paulo and Tel Aviv this year.

Want to know more about how the profit of your festival tickets will be invested? Cafebabel is on route to DGTL Barcelona to have a closer look at how the festival puts its principles into action.