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Article published on May 16, 2018
Article published on May 16, 2018

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Travel is the best form of meditation. Why the hell do you think people even go on vacation

There is no better way to live than by traveling. Simultaneously there is no better way to grow as a person either. If you have money to spend then spend it on travel. You will gain so much more from it than sitting at home reading self-help books or figuring out ways to make your life interesting without the slightest clue how to.

It’s to get away from stress or an environment they dislike. However, travel isn’t just about escaping. Many people use traveling to find themselves and to avoid all sorts of responsibilities being a burden to them while they figure this out.

When traveling you are uprooted from your comfort zone i.e. home and familiar settings. Where you feel at ease and comfortable or the total opposite. There is a reason why you keep going to your favorite bar, because you know it, it’s comfortable. Now there’s nothing wrong about being comfortable and settling down at all. In any person’s life, settling down and starting a family is the ultimate goal. But until you do that, you must grow as a person, become centered and have a strong reality, not just for your own sake but for your future wife and kids.

Being in a comfortable setting will rarely give you the opportunity to grow or at least not in such a rapid level as traveling and putting yourself in unknown territories. Because you always have this comfortable rock to go back to i.e. your friends, family, apartment or whatever. When traveling you won’t have any of these things. You only have yourself and your luggage. You can’t be attached too long to things either since you’re always on the move. So trying to be comfortable in an unfamiliar setting with limited time is nearly impossible. Which is going to help you grow quicker! You won’t have the opportunity to slow down and rest on your laurels. Once you get a bit comfortable, you’ll get shipped off to another place! Boom boom boom! Constantly challenged with new culture, new people, new language! Either you grow or die, not literally. But to be able to grow you must consistently push your comfort zone and traveling is one fun way to do it.

Now here comes the catch. If you can’t feel comfortable with your environment. You can, however, learn to be comfortable in yourself. We also call this being centered. So that means it doesn’t matter where you are in the world or in what situation you are in. If you can feel comfortable in yourself and be centered then nothing outside of you will move you or have much effect on your mood and being. This is very important if your a man which also leads you to feel happy like almost 98% of the time, because you draw good emotions from within.

I therefore recommend everyone to go on a EuroTour for at least 4-6months, if you have the time and money to do so. Plan out at least 6 countries you want to visit, where you don’t stay longer than 1 month per country (less is better). The time frame is to help you not get too attached to one place and allow you to push yourself and visit other countries, where you’ll need to adapt to a whole new language, culture, people and infrastructure. Also the short time-frame keeps you exploring each country the instant you hit town or else you would be missing out on a lot of cool stuff. By constantly uprooting yourself and putting yourself in unfamiliar environments you’ll learn to trust yourself and be comfortable in yourself first and foremost. So you won’t be pinging of external emotional sources like “oh this country sucks or this bar sucks” to decide how you feel etc .

Besides all this personal growth, you’ll also learn about yourself and test your own limits. You’ll without a doubt have many awesome adventures and tales to tell your friends and family back home. And you’ll experience many things that would have a profound impact on you. You’ll make new friends in different countries and maybe even a few love interests. All in all it’s awesome.

Still not convinced? Let’s do a pros and cons here:


  • Adventure
  • Personal Growth
  • Potential new friends
  • Legendary tales
  • Experience different cultures and people
  • Girls
  • Fun


  • Money
  • Time
  • Same bullshit town?

Anyways that’s it really. For me personally, I do it for the adventure. I love traveling.

Now if you went through a EuroTour, no one is saying it stops here! You most likely want to travel some more and by all means, you should. Make traveling a part of your lifestyle don’t get couped up in your little apartment somewhere. Go out and see what the world has to offer. Oh and just so you know, one EuroTour is never enough ;-)