''Den plirono'' (I wont pay)- a grass-root movement against tolls in roads

Article published on Feb. 19, 2011
Article published on Feb. 19, 2011
It started as a spontaneous reaction against the tolls and soon it became a movement, a nation-scale reaction. ''Δεν πληρώνω'' (I wont pay) is the name of the movement which all these months started a ''war'' against the Ministry of Transports, since they refuse to pay the tolls in the highways.

This might look shocking for a European but let's explain it a bit: In Greece, a unique system has been adopted regarding the creation of highways. The construction companies have agreed with the state to create the roads but drivers have to pay long before their completion. As a result, drivers pre-pay the construction of highways..through tolls! Therefore drivers cross a road which does not meet any European standards to get a safe one!

Many politicians and journalists called them ''tzambatzides'' (people who live at the expense of others) and stressed how unfair is their movement against the citizens who pay. It is surprising enough, that in Greece both politicians and journalists live thanks to public money..

I simply mention some of the privileges Greek politicians enjoy:

- Luxurious trips abroad under the umbrella of ''official visits''.  

-Free cell phones up to 200 euros per month,

-Free offices in Athens

The movement is calling all the people to refuse to pay tolls since it is illegal and unfair and there is no legal penalty for this. They stress the irrationality of the measure and organize protest throughout Greece. 

Many can be said for this movement: others support their actions while others are totally against its political philosophy. Nevertheless, this movement brought to the surface a healthy political activism which knows no parties and is self-organised through facebook and blogs (at the moment they are ready to launch a Web TV).

Despite the nature of their demand one is for sure: they express the portion of the people who simply refuse to pay again for all the mistakes of the past. How say ''enough is enough'' and that it is time for the ruling classes to pay.. 

Check their site: http://denplirono.wordpress.com/