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Article published on April 30, 2010
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Article published on April 30, 2010
I remember my mother saying "George Papandreou (actual Greek Prime Minister) has no greek conscience, he is not Greek" I remember also me saying, "well, mom, it s stupid to think like that, Sarcozy also has hungarian origins, that doesn t mean he doesn' t love France, this is obsolete, you are exagerating" Well...

0euro.jpg George Papandreou decided to go for the easy solution, to take the burden out of him and trim the wick, humiliate Greece like nothing else seen before. And from where to start, from the days, when he was leader of the Opposition, where he has never done constructive opposition, only stupid barking with his friends. His lies "oh!! there is money, lot of money"

He knew from the start that there was something going wrong with the economy and he stupidly played communication tricks. And now that he can no longer pay his public servant followers, is humiliating globaly a whole nation. For weeks now he is treating Greece like a prostitute to the global markets. He is trying to find easy money to pay pensions and public servants, money that people will work to pay the interest.

There is alternative but you HAVE TO WORK (oh! I forgot, he is descendant of politician's family, he was never obliged to work). And all his fellows, one of a kind!! They prefer to enslave us, in a civilized way of course than to work in order to find solutions. What about the public real estate that could be a huuuuuge income for the state. Just ask any emploee at the Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation, they know. But no, that needs extra work for them. Or other structural changes for corporations and so on... I am feeling deeply ashamed for their way, they confront us with Germans, French...Europe.

Margaret Chant (Chantovsky), his mother, is known for her arrogant words: "I became, daughter-in-law of a Prime Minister, wife of a Prime Ministrer and I will become mother of a Prime Minister", and she became.

One can argue a lot of things about George Papandreou but there is one thing sure, even his fans admit that: He can not speak fluent greek, he speaks english or swedish much more fluent. There is an ancient greek saying that goes: "Man with no country (a-patris), has no right to speak"...

Don't get me wrong, I love cosmopolitan background but what if Ben Bernanke was rulling over Europe?