Deep Blonde

Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
Men prefer blonde girls. Long blondes. See a little on the empty-headed side. If jokes on featherbrained Goldilocks™ will make any kind of MCP chortle, researchers in social psychology from Paris X – Nanterre University have come to avenge the honour of the platinum ladies.

In a recent study, quoted by the Sunday Times, the French scientists have discovered that if Miss Hilton and her girlfriends are far from being lame, they did however turn men into jerks.

Doing so, in itself, does not seem that difficult. Any yet, the blonde’s weapon to reduce the male brain are neither the leopard décolleté nor the tart tuft. But it rather appears to be the strength of stereotypes.

When they chat with a light-coloured haired girl, men would see their IQ shrink to the size of a pea, and they would be victims to the subconscious syndrome of the “bimbo blonde”.

Blinded or deceived by the cliché of the ditzy bleached blonde, men would have a tendency to “adapt” to the supposed level of their interlocutor by “lowering their reasoning threshold”, according to the conclusions of Thierry Meyer, who conducted the study. That should give enough ideas to brunettes, who’ve always had more fun.

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