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Article published on April 18, 2008
Article published on April 18, 2008
Toy-boys to cuddle. This is the very light offer of, the first “male supermarket” opened on the web by French daring businessmen. A lot of humour, a drop of love and loads of men to meet, carefully ordered by “product categories”: brainy or adventurous, blond or cooks.
The catalogue also offers a “bonus pack” shelf, where you can pick with the greatest earnestness hairless or non-smoking bipeds.

The mega deal of the day? ‘Folklll’, a cutie with a fringe. Or else you can always look up DreamIntox from Toulouse, or Lloyd68, 22. Poor boys, reduced to the status of toy boys by nymphets dressed up as man-eaters. The consumers’ testimonies smell sweetly of cannibalism, with just a touch of capitalism. As wild as you may imagine. “I gobble up a basket a week, and I have even lost weight,” asserts Chloe in a very poetic way. Girl power, only good for scales? Give us our money back!

(Photo credit: lannon787's/flickr)