Article published on Aug. 8, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 8, 2008
In the evening of the 19-th of August in Tallinn will be held a Night Song’s Holiday named "The time of noting". This Holiday is dedicated to the events of 1988 – the time of the "singing revolution", when the Estonian people met toghether in the evening and night time for singing toghether Estonian songs – and to 90 years of the Estonian Republic.
In 1988 the spontaneous holiday created a hope to indipendence. Valdur Raie – one of the dirigents of the Kiviõli mixed choir "Loit" – says: "There was a great thing to sing the songs You want to sing and not the songes ordered from high quarters. The Estonian people had understood the own strenght singing a song together".

The 20-th of August is the day of the re-establishment of the independence in Estonia.

Mass-media have communicated that the alkohol bevarages maybe will be prohibited at this Holiday. The alkohol has became a great problem in Estonia – the Estonian politicians propagate the insane mode of life, the publicity of alkohol is everywhere. The "Õllesummer" festival (the beer festival) is the occasion when many persons get drunk toghether listenign the music and after they vomite together and feel bad together.

The holiday begins at 21.00 o’clock at the "Song’s field" of Tallinn. There will sing the 3 famous Estonian choirs. All visitors will have a possibility to sing all together and the choir dirigent will guide them.

It seems that the national feelings become to grow in Estonia – the country suffer the interferences of other counties and even today’s president is an American born in Sveden.

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Now (from 5 till 10 August) the Nordic-Baltic Choir Festival is going on at Tartu. More information can be seen at the next link: . How You can see, Estonia is a singing country.