CULTURAL EVENTS: NAZI-GESTAPO-GAME in Estonia from 6 untill 9 of August

Article published on Aug. 4, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 4, 2008
The Estonian society "Erna" (called in name of the Second World War Nazi battalion composed of the Estonians) have announced of the beggining of the sports-military game of the season. The game is dedicated to glorification of the battaglion "Erna's" crimes and the Hitler's ideas.
Mass-media ("Interfax") announce that there are 29  teams from Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Norway, Danmark, Belgium, Germany and the USA.

The game is based on the real events of 1941 and begins with a landing to the seashore. It's not clear who and how plays a role of Nazis' victims - it's necessary to precise that the Estonian Nazis had exterminated all the Jewishes in Estonia and proclaimed Estonia the first and only country "free of the Jewishes". A part of the civil Estonian population was extarminated too.

Surelly, the militar games could be a very nice pastime, but the glorification of the battaglion "Erna" and the proclamation of the Estonian Nazis like "patriots" or "fighters to freedom of Estonia" together with Hitler is not correct - such a behavour is a grave insult for the victims of the Estonian Nazis and their relatives.

A little time ego, on July 26 in 2008, there was a politucal rally of the ex members of the Waffen SS brigades at Sinimàe in Estonia. There took part the Nazis from Danimark and Norway too. One of the Nazis' monuments was created at Sinimàe after the USSR crashing and the Nazis hold their rally there. The "Delfi" online magazine says that the Nazis were greeted heartily and honoured like "the fighters fo freedom of Estonia" by Vejkko Luhaland (a representativ of the local authority) and Trivimi Velliste (a deputy of Estonian's Parliament, the Ukrainian man assimilated into Estonian identity who chaneged even own Ukrainian name into Estonian-like name). Nobody remember that Hitler's programms didn't provide the independence for Estonia but the extermination of the Estonians as a parasite rice incapable to protect one's territory. The Estonian Nazis does their propaganda of the malsane ideas and deceptive facts of History to young people and children - such a situation causes to increase the racial hatred and intollerance  in the Estonian society.

Some photoes of the Nazis' rally of the 26-th July 2008:

The full album of the photoes can bee seen at the "Night Watch" Association's site at the next link: