Cost of life in Athens

Article published on Oct. 26, 2008
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Article published on Oct. 26, 2008
Cost of life in Athens! Welcome to the vibrant city that never sleeps! Night life is in the blood of Greeks and is a major part of their social life. No chance to visit Athens and stay indoors. Traffic jam at 4:00 am is more than a probability... Let’s walkabout in Athens.
First, transportation to our destination costs €0,80 (bus, train, metro, tram, trolley) and the ticket is valid for one hour and a half. We choose to start our night to the movies where the ticket costs €7,00 to €7,50. On the other hand what is also very interesting in Athens is the theatre. Greeks love theatre that is why for a capital of a small country you can find more scenes than London. Prices can start from €10-15-20. Then of course we go for a drink. A glass of wine would cost around 5.00€ whereas a glass of Heineken beer would cost €3,50 (25ml) or a Budweiser of 0,33ml round €6.00. Hungry? Big Mac (€3.20) isn’ t actually “bon marché” in Greece, that is why you have to taste the typical greek souvlaki. One “Pita souvlaki” costs about €2.00- 2.30. All that being said, considering what affects most the cost of life in Athens is that all the above can partly take place more than once during the week, they do not represent accurately having fun “à la grecque” and salaries is a whole another story! Total for one person: 16 - 17 € Gia mas!! (γειά μας!)