Cost of Life Day in Budapest

Article published on Oct. 25, 2008
Article published on Oct. 25, 2008
Three young ladies from the Budapest Team took part in the europe-wide new project of to discover the level of prices in different cities of Europe. Well, tough Budapest is usually mentioned among the cheapest capitals, after reading our Cost of Life Day post, you will expire it does not seems to be so anymore - especially compared to the average income level.

Gyros1 It was an afternoon of a busy working day when Éva, Judit and Veronika decided to go out to get relaxed and have some fun after their hard working day. They gathered close to Kalvin street metro station - one of the most popular meeting points among young people - to eat something before sitting in to a movie. They met at Ráday Street to have a γύρος (gyros) that cost 550 HUF (~ 2 €) for each.

corvinn After that they went to Corvin Cinema one of the oldest movie theaters of the city that's building had even witnessed the '56 revolution. Since on Wedneydays they offer some reduction in prices, they paid only 750 HUF (~ 3 €) per person for a ticket.

The movie - a new hungarian comedy with the title Para - was definitely a good choice for that lazy night. After such fun, it would be a pity to go home, so that they jumped in one of the nearest bars - a popular alternative pub in the heart of Budapest - to continue chatting and discuss the movie experience. They drank some fine beer for 450 HUF (~1,7 €) per person.

So all the experiment costs for 3 persons 3x(550+750+450) HUF = 5250 HUF The exchange rate today is 275.55 HUF/EUR, so CoLD cost around 19 € for three persons.

fehervari3These places are not so far from each other but if you are lazy you can get the public transport for 270 HUF ~ 1,2 € (per person for one way). So let’s count additionally 3x270 HUF.

Finally Cost of Life in Budapest for one person is 2020 HUF (~7,34 €). In comperison to the net average monthly income that was 113 000 HUF (~ 430 €) last year, an average student can hardly afford to go out with friends to have some fun every day.

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