“Conflict is everywhere, our real challenge is reporting it...”

Article published on June 24, 2009
Article published on June 24, 2009
The "Media in Conflicts Seminar" is a hands-on seminar dealing with the way that media reports conflicts.  It is a five day opportunity to explore the issues regarding "media in conflicts." The conference, which will be held at the IDC in the beachside town of Herzliya (right next to Tel Aviv), will take place in the first week of August.
offers exceptional students the opportunity to build and develop the skills to properly analyze the challenges of media in conflicts.


The seminar will include: intriguing lectures with specialists in the various fields of media and conflicts; hands-on workshops; career guidance; and strategic tours. Directing the seminar will be top experts in the communication and journalism field.The seminar, which offers great opportunities for networking and learning, is open to university students from Europe and beyond.Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime to immerse yourself in the field of conflict-journalism. This promises to be an event that will further you in your career opportunities and to give you professional tools to excel in this field.