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Article published on March 8, 2007
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Article published on March 8, 2007
Each local team of currently has a local page to present its members, its activities, partners, etc: We all know the limits of this page, it's not so visible, the url is long and clumsy, the tool is not very adaptable...etc So the local blogs that you have been talking about and waiting for are now finally on their way! cityname.

we'll soon have a visual for you of the blog design, but at the same time we need to crack on with agreeing on what the local blogs are actually for, and what content will be in them.

The 'euroboard' of has been asked to comment on the local blog guidelines that we proposed. I've integrated the comments to the attached blog guidelines.

Some questions remain:

local blogs will be updated regularly, and easily, as every local team member will have access to the blog. No need to pass by 'Paris' to upload a photo! What kind of rythym do you imagine your blog will have? Do you forsee any problems with keeping it updated? How can we ensure that the local blog network remains, well, a network and not a grouping of individual cities? How will you manage the mix of 'editorial' content and 'communication' content?

Let's continue the discussion here on coffee factory!

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