Article published on Aug. 12, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 12, 2008
A little bit about Ossetia (the dates are in the European sistem): 10 /11/1989 - the Soviet of the People’s deputies of Southern  Osezia decided to trasform Ossetia in an autonomous Republic. 20/09/1990 - the Soviet of the People’s deputies of Southern  Osezia proclaimed the Soviet Democratic Reoublic of Southern Osezia.

1 /09/ 1991 – the Soviet Democratic Republic of Southern Ossetia was renamend into Republic of Southern Ossetia which wasn’t recognized by Georgia and other countries in spite of two referendums with international controllers-inspectors, so there the right to self-determination was denied. ( in Russian)

7/08/2008 – Georgia attacked Ossetia with the aim to exterminate all its citizens and take the land.

10/08/2008 – the President of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh invited to process the President of Georgia for crimes commited in Southern Ossetia classified as genocide. The Minister of the external affairs of Georgia  Salome Zurabishvili declared that the aim of the conflict is to garantee and increase the presence of the USA and Great Britagne in Georgia (in according with the American Plan of the Dominion of the World – REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century). Russia has entered in conflict initially to protect the Southern Ossetia citizen but later has begun a war against Giorgia (it seems so).

The Izrailien site “Boska” has observed that the USA have gathered the militar ships nearby Iran in Persian Gulf  while Russia is busy in Georgia (

The Southern Ossetia people is a small nation as the Estonian nation and it is not absolutely normal that the Estonian Government doesn’t  help this small nation – Estonia has had the same problem with the independency…

Why the Kosovo’s citizens have the right to independence and the Southern Ossetia citizens don’t have? The human rights are not equal and the same for all? The right to self-determination are not valid for all nations?

The President of Georgia declare that he wants to restore the Constitutional order , so if the Russia began wanting to restore the USSR or the Russian Imperium’s Constitutional order it will be right? (the USSR and the Imperium were destroid and remade  without observing the Constitutional rools and lows, that means that the USSR and Imperium must be restored?)

The Estonian Government gather the money for helping the Georgians – victims of the Russian Army, omitting and denying completely to help to the victims of the Georgians. Why such a discrimination?

All people living in the zone of the conflict are the victims of the war – today the peoples continue to be victims of the politicians and Governments, today we can see the crimes of the regime of the “democracy” – unfortunately, nothing changes excepting the name of regime… but all victims have the right to help.

Here below the texts of one Estonian Organization that is intent to help the Southern Osezia civil citizens.

Non profit organization “Spisok Klenskogo” (Klensij’s list) of Tallinn, Estonia

Press release

The militar aggression of the Georgia against the civil inhabitants of Southern Ossetia (70.000 persons) uses the tactics of  the “burnt lend”.

The President of Georgia Saakashvili is using the genocide and ethnic cleaning sistems, he is interested in taking the Osseta land and not in taking care of its citizens. Saakashvili has begun a new adeventure with the help of the West.

The city of Tshinval and some  villages doesn’t exist more. The bombs have been throuwn on hospitals, civil districts, educational establishments.

This is a NATO signature with a Hitler’s taste, which the Georgian Authorities have adopted with the permission of the West after former Jugoslavia and Irak.

After showing the barabarian essence, the Georgian Authorities justify own terrrorism as a reaching of democracy and welfare. We have a question: why they are doing it by damaging the small nations living in Georgia and conducting the politics of explicit colonialism?

The indifference of the Western countries, including the Estonian Government, in such a situation  is amazing. The Estonian President has expressed his compassion only to Georgian Authorities and Georgian citizens denying the compassion to victims of the Giorgian Governmet, hypocritically inviting for peace.

For the Commission of International Affairs of the Estonian Parliament the Nato and European Union's interests are more important than the destiny of the victims of the war in Ossetia and Georgia. There are more and more refugees, orphans, casualties. Georgia has abandoned to a Fortune thouzends of children, women, the old – all civil population.

The European Union and OBSE keep silence. The Estoniand Red Cross is indifferent too as the Associations which selectively  defend the rights of the unrecognized small nations of the world.

Only Russia have been announcing the humanitarian help to the victims of the Georgian war.

The non-profit Organization “Spisok Klenskogo” (Klenskij’s list) have decided to join and give help to the civil victims of militar conflict in Southern Osezia. We would like to create the Center of the help where could collaborate all public organization of our country.

It’s possible to send money to the next account: 10010473211011 SEB Ühispank

We have a dialog with the privat entrepreneurs and businessmen and we are ready to go into Kavkaz to bring our help. The victims need the objects of primary necessity, household appliances and other, not only money.

We elaborate the precise rools for avoid abuses in spending this money.

We don’t trust to the Estonian Red Cross – this organization have omitted to help the children – victims of Beslan, and there is not clear enough where the gathered money  was desappeared.

The indipendent guarantors and controllors of our activities are Klaus Dorrnemann (a Germanian citizen who was brutally struck in the 2007 by the Estonian Policy with the abuse of power) who have a goog knowledge in the Red Cross and Serghey Seredenko – a famous Estonian legal and the human rights defender, the head of the projekt “The Russian Ombudsman in Estonia”.

We will use the methods of “glasnosnt” and trancparency in our activity, the Estonian mass-media have promised to give us free help in this question.

We are sure that giving help to the civil victims of Southern Ossetia we will demonstrate a solidarity of simple people, and we have a hope that the appetites of the militar countries will diminish.

Non-profit Organization “Spisok Klenskogo”

Tallinn, the 9-th of August 2008

The contact number: +372 / 539 87 272


Klaus Dornemann, Generalbevollmächtiger

Tel 00372 685 3744, e-mail