CIVICUS Youth Assembly (part two)

Article published on July 21, 2008
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Article published on July 21, 2008
The CIVICUS Youth Assembly took place in Glasgow, Scotland from June 16-18th, 2008. Hundreds of young people were there to learn more about "People, Power and Participation" and these are some of their thoughts on the experience.

civicus 2 Lukyana, Russia What did you learn from CIVICUS? I learned that issues like poverty, health and equality are bigger than I thought: they have very serious consequences that affect a lot of other areas of our lives. I realized that when it comes to these issues, we are all involved- everyone is responsible and should take action, not just the single countries that are affected.

Do you think this experience will be useful for your work in Russia? I can’t wait to share what I have learned here at CIVICUS with my organization, the Russian Federation of Youth. I also learned that networking is a very powerful tool for youth and youth organizations- this is how resources are shared and partnerships created!

What are some of the needs of the young people living in your country? We are in a strange situation- we are both in Europe and in Asia. This is why I think youth should have a stronger presence at the UN, and in other types of political institutions.

Nargis, Afghanistan

What did you learn from this experience? I enjoyed the role-playing and improvisation tools, they made me realize that it is important to step outside of one’s reality and try to empathize with what other people are feeling.

What will you take home from this experience? The message that peace and social justice are possible to achieve.

What are some of the needs of the young people living in your country? Peace would be high on the list, but also access to education. But for that you need peace first.

Lemon, Thailand

What did you learn from this event? That networks are needed to strengthen the action of youth worldwide, they are very important in creating links between youth and make our voice heard. CIVICUS

Did it inspire you to take action? Absolutely! This event has inspired me to go home and begin a new project to promote the respect of Human Rights in my country. In particular, I will start a project to help the indigenous populations in South East Asia.

What are some of the needs of the young people living in your country? Thailand has a lot of tourists that come to our beaches every year. Often, though, they leave without learning about our culture, our environment, and our problems. I think there is a need to give more visibility to both our culture and our youth globally. We have a lot to offer!

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