Cinemagic opens with Niko

Article published on Nov. 17, 2008
Article published on Nov. 17, 2008
The 18th Coca-Cola Cinemagic International Film and Television Festival – the largest film festival for young people in the UK and Ireland – has kicked off in Belfast with animated adventure Niko and the Way to the Stars [trailer] by Michael Hegner and Kari Juusonen. This year will feature over a 100 film screenings and more than 40 workshops, competitions and masterclasses.
Events highlights include a Q&A with Mike Leigh and BAFTA Chairman David Parfitt’s production masterclass for 16-25 year olds.

Film highlights include Finnish animation A Quest For a Heart, Spanish fantasy Nocturna [trailer], Norwegian mystery The 10 Lives of Titanic the Cat, Danish drama Worlds Apart and Irish drama 32A.

Cinemagic CEO Joan Burney-Keatings said, “The festival is set to be the biggest and best yet, with over one hundred fantastic films and a whole series of film and television related events. We are looking forward to working with all of our partners to deliver eighteen action packed days of films, masterclasses, Q&A’s, and workshops for young people and all film enthusiasts throughout Northern Ireland”.

Coca Cola’s Maire Campbell said, “We are delighted to support the valuable work of Cinemagic once again this year. The festival provides the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in many arts based disciplines, giving an insight into the world of film and television, and showcasing the talents of the young people of Northern Ireland”.

Cinemagic receives funding support from Northern Ireland Screen, UK Film Council, DSD, Belfast City Council, Arts& Business, DCAL, Awards For All and Titanic Quarter.

Naman Ramachandran