Article published on May 7, 2011
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Article published on May 7, 2011
Tusiad-Beijing Office Special Reports According to the initial data, the GDP of China is 39798.3 billion Yuan which is 10.3% higher than last year. Traveling -Number of domestic trips throughout the year is 2.1 billion passengers... -Domestic tourism income is1.258 trillion yuan...
-Tourists are 133, 760,000 passengers, Among them, the foreigners are 26,130,000


ST.bmp -The planting area of 2010 is 109.87 million Ha..


-In the year 2010 the whole industrial added value is 16.003 trillion Yuan...

Automotive Industry

-China became the first producing and consuming Auto country of the world in 2009..In 2009, China produced total 13.791 million automotives up by 48% year on year, and sold 13.6448 million automotives up by 46% year on year...


-There is 32 billion tons of total cargo transportation throughout the year..

Post and telecommunication

-Annual business volume of post and telecommunication is 3.294 trillion yuan...