China, Confucius and the Nobel prize!

Article published on Dec. 9, 2010
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Article published on Dec. 9, 2010
It seems that the Chinese authorities are furious due to the decision of  Swedish Academy to award the Nobel Peace Prize to dissident Liu Xiabo. Xiabo will be absent tommorow in Oslo .. since he is imprisoned in China.

As if these were not enough, China decided to use ... Confucius, the ancient philosopher of the 5th century to ''strike back'' against the Nobel Prize. Thus, Beijing announced the creation of a peace prize, called ''Confucius.'' According to the information the Award was created literally overnight!

The fact is, however, that regardless of Xiabo, in recent years, China is ''flirting'' heavily with the ancient philosopher, the legacy of which has made a national symbol: the position of Confucianism in Chinese history has been restored and most of his proverbs decorate the public areas of China. This constitutes a U-Turn 180 degrees from Mao's vue over Confucainism, which was ruthlessly hunted. This marks a significant change in China and is strongly connected with its global role.

The Chinese authorities announced that the first ''Confucius'' award will be given to the former president of Taiwan (!) Lien Chan, who, according to Beijing was ''singled out because he built a bridge of peace between Taiwan and mainland China bringing happiness and good luck to the people of two countries''.

Moreover, the Chinese proposed a future cooperation between the Academies of Stockholm and Beijing so that the Nobel Prize and the''Confucius'' prize to be given to the same person, apparently to prevent any others .. Xiabo in the future.