Chilean LGBTQ protagonist on European Homeless Tour

Article published on Oct. 10, 2016
Article published on Oct. 10, 2016

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Fancy cars, shiny hotels rooms and champagne is usually what one associates with the word WORLD TOUR. However, for Chilean artist (Me Llamo) Sebastián, these commodities are neither a reality nor a must on his European (truely) Homeless Tour.  

At a cafe besides the outer channels of the Red Light District, Sebastián reflects on the first stop of his Homeless Tour, comfortably dressed in sweatpants and a warm smile. 

"Amsterdam is a cool place where everything is free, and the people seem happy, I like it a lot, except for the rain" he says with a look up into the contracting clouds above. After years of putting homosexual rights on the agenda in his home country Chile, he has traveled to Europe to perform on various smaller venues in several mayor cities including Berlin and Madrid. Without any plans concerning where to spend the night in either of the European cities he plans to visit, the title of his tour perfectly describes the concept that he is in fact Homeless in Europe. However, he insists that relying on the hospitality of friends, fans and even strangers, will make his tour more authentic, and more importanly more entertaining.

His lyrics tell the story of life in the shadows, in a society much less forgiving than the dutch, at least when it comes to the right to choose who you love and desire. Through a strong vocal and almost tragicomic lyrics, he makes the audience both laugh, cry and think at the same time. And this is exactly how he wants it to be.

"My songs combine sadness and frustration with humor because both are part of life" he says, leaning back into his chair with a thoughtfull mine. "I believe that humor is the best - if not the only - way to make people open up and talk about the issues that nobody will talk about". For him, portraying the life and struggles of having to 'dance like a man' or be 'dressed in blue' in order to be accepted, is as much a personal fight as well as a social call for action against a system still largely dominated by Machismo. 

In Europe however, these issues are far less controversial, and that is the way it should be according to Sebastián. "People should not be affraid to be who they are" he says with a suddenly serious look on his face and continues "no matter whether they are born in Amsterdam or in Santiago".  

Next comes concerts in Germany and Spain, where no hotels room have yet been booked.