Charity websites working to educate donors

Article published on Aug. 26, 2010
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Article published on Aug. 26, 2010
I liked this post from Good Intentions Are Not Enough blog on charities that try to educate donors. We have similar issues in Lithuania when majority of donors focus on childe related charities instead of considering other issues as well. Here part of the post: "I’ve long pushed for more honesty and transparency on charity websites.
There is a critical need for more real information and fewer “happy stories“. Recently I’ve seen what I’m hoping is a new trend of charities working to educate their donors.

* Pepy Tours does a nice job with their blog Lessons I Learned. I appreciate the fact that Daniela delves into the issues surrounding voluntourism. I also respect that she is willing to admit her own organization’s mistakes and what they have learned from them. * Alive and Kicking recently wrote a good blog post discussing the pros and cons of BOGO (Buy One Give One) and how they’ve moved on to BOGO 2.0. I appreciate that they did not gloss over the issues or just tell pretty stories. I also liked their list of five recommendations for evaluating BOGO products at the end of the post.


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