Celebrating café babel womanhood in 2008

Article published on March 7, 2008
Article published on March 7, 2008
Cafebabel.com is proud to celebrate womanhood in 2008 via the flickr , from our team, dedicated to all the wonderful Babelian women who contribute and belong to the cafebabel.com .making of a special profile www.flickr.
com created by Erika LastovskyteVilniuscommunity

 Often perceived as natural communicators, women are more and more involved in journalism as correspondents or media makers, reinforcing equality between women and men in the field of European Journalism. At cafebabel.com, women have taken a leading role in providing citizens with a transeuropean vision of European news. Meet just a few of them in the search engine and discover why they have decided to get involved in cafebabel.com- if too lazy, simply click .

on flickr by entering "women" and "cafebabel.com"here

From Rome, to Brussels, through Dubai and Sofia, these special and talented European women shape European media as we know it.

Ladies, this is your day- thank you for being you.