Canoe/Kayak Flatwater: still the most successful sport for Hungarians

Article published on Sept. 1, 2008
Article published on Sept. 1, 2008
A young man (Attila Vajda - man C1) fresh in Olympic Games and two Hungarian girls (Katalin Kovács and Natasa Janic - woman K2) proved in Beijing that Kayak-Canoe is still the most successful sport for Hungarians. The Hungarian team that was among the most populous and strongest ones had finally won 2 gold medals, a silver one and a bronze.
In a sport where only 6 countries had taken any medal, they closed as the 2rd most successful team following Germany.

Best results of the team


Gold medals: Attila Vajda (C1-man 1000m) Katalin Kovács and Natasa Janics (K2-woman 500m)

Silver medal: Katalin Kovács, Gabriella Szabó, Danuta Kozák, Natasa Janics (K4-woman 500m)

Bronze medal: György Kozmann, Tamás Kiss (C2-man 1000m)

Further results

4th place: Zoltán Kammerer, Gábor Kucsera (K2-man 500 m) Katalin Kovács (K1-woman 500m)

5th place: Márton Sík, István Beé, Ákos Vereckei, Gábor Bozsik (K4-man 1000m) Zoltán Kammerer, Gábor Kucsera (K2-man 1000 m)

6th place: Ákos Vereckei (K1-man 500m)