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Article published on May 31, 2008
Article published on May 31, 2008
Many people gathered on the stage of the Cannes Film Festival to receive the Golden Palm! This year it is the film titled “The Class” (“Entre les Murs”), directed by Laurent Cantet, which was awarded the highest prize. The twenty five students from the Françoise Dolto high school in Paris did not go down to Cannes for nothing.
  One of them even told the France 2 television camera that he had been noticed and may have the opportunity to pursue his film debut a bit further.

Of course, the editing team of La Parisienne was not lucky enough to see the winning film. Only the elite at Cannes were granted this privilege.  Nevertheless, it may be added that the jury, presided by Sean Penn, claimed it to be a unanimous decision. Furthermore, we have read here and there that the audience laughed during the screening of the film.  And that, can be taken as a good sign!

A special award was presented to Catherine Deneuve for her acting in Arnaud Desplechin’s latest film (“Un conte de Noel”) and also for the whole of her career.

That is the news for the French.

Oh, no, I almost forgot to mention that the “Palme d’Or” had not been awarded to a French film since 1987 (“Sous le soleil de Satan” by Maurice Pialat).  It would have been a shame not to remind people this event!

From the north to the south and passing by the East.

Belgium was also among the prize winners.  The film “Lorna’s silence” (“Le silence de Lorna”) directed by the Dardennes brothers was awarded the prize for best screenplay. 

As for the Grand Prix, it was given to the film “Gomorra” by the Italian film maker Mattero Garonne.  And Turkey was also honored with Nuri Bilge Celan receiving the award of best director for his film titled “The three Monkeys” (“Les Trois Singes”).

And Kosovo in the limelight.

The Kosovian actress Arta Dobroshi attracted much attention during the Cannes Film Festival.  She plays the role of a young Albanese woman in “Lorna’s Silence” directed by the Dardennes brothers.  The geopolitical complexities of the small Kosovian state were set aside for a few days, and the focus was rather on the enthusiasm and radiant smile of this young actress.

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