Can immigrants in Luxembourg vote at the 7 June elections?

Article published on May 5, 2009
Article published on May 5, 2009

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Almost half the population living in Luxembourg are immigrants. ‘Multi-Culti’ is the motto of the capital, where two thirds of these foreigners have found a new home. Statistics predict that by 2015 the Grand Duchy will number more immigrant citizens than native.
Immigrants who have had a fixed residence in Luxembourg for 5 years are allowed to vote in local elections, but in the parliamentary election on 7 June, they will not have a voice. Do you think immigrants in Luxembourg should be allowed to take part in general elections as well? The answer in pictures

Timon, 24, Luxembourger

©cafebabel.comYes, because Luxembourgers only ever elect conservative parties, which means nothing can change. Also they prevent immigrants entering the civil service and taking home a ‘golden hello’ of 3, 000 euros (£2, 660). That is not fair

Dan, 23, Luxembourger

©cafebabel.comOf course, we should do everything we can to integrate immigrants better. Once they have to form their own political opinion, they should automatically integrate themselves better

Emilie, 20, French

©cafebabel.comIt would be a good thing, immigrants would get more involved. But they should have to live in the country for a certain length of time first, so they understand how it works

Clif, 25, Luxembourger

©cafebabel.comImmigrants should be allowed to vote but not to be elected. Otherwise the Luxembourgers would have nothing left to say, if they really do soon become the minority in their own country

Philip, 27, Swede

©cafebabel.comNo, if everyone could vote, there would be too many voters who feel unrepresented

Dharamveer, 26, Indian

©cafebabel.comNo, unless immigrants could also stand for election. But they would have to live in the country for at least ten years to do that, so they could really integrate in the society. That’s just not possible in only two or three years

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