We bid a warm goodbye to Aleksandra and are recruiting a Polish editor for late October

Article published on Sept. 26, 2011
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Article published on Sept. 26, 2011
Sadly, it's that time of year again. We're very sad here at HQ to lose our Polish editor for the past almost two years, Aleksandra Sygiel, who will indeed be leaving the continent for horizons new. She made history by walking into the office and demanding a job - hey, it works for some!
- and also being the first ever Polish editor to be based for us here in Paris, as opposed to at a distance from Warsaw. The Polish edition of was launched in 2005.

Aleks became famous at for her pointed, solid writing on societal affairs and design in particular. Favourites include the Polish kebab argument (basically, it's the Polish gastronomical version of eating a kebab, but it's not a kebab, we got it).

AAA ZAP Aleks also scribbled some memorable interviews with the likes of the mysterious Polish blogger Katarzyna, the bizarre Polish communist Monopoly game creator, the French provocative niqabitches and even with a Turkish man beaten for defending a couple kissing in public.

AAA ZAP2 Then of course there were her extremely enjoyable reports from cities as diverse as Vilnius, Budapest or Skopje. Basically, we're also sad to see a talented writer go. Heck, Aleks was even our very own survivor of the Iceland volcano attack on the European peoples. In the news, we could say that Aleksandra's historical tenure started with an event called 'Polish pussy days', passed the 31st anniversary of the Solidarnosc movement as well as the tragic death of the country's president, and ends now with the Polish presidency of the European union, which is running until December.

But we wish you lots of luck, Dorothy! Click on those red shoes! In the meanwhile, whoever feels they could fill Aleksandra's shoes - they would have to be a Polish native, of course - should check out the job offer, which can be found in Polish and French, and get in touch to make some new history with us.

If you know someone who might fancy a jaunt to the French capital to spread the Polski love, we'd appreciate if you could spread the word!