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Article published on March 23, 2011
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Article published on March 23, 2011
He did it. He was the first Spanish editor at to NOT come from the south. Argemino is from Galicia but has been a Madrilenyo most of his life, and that's where our current Spanish editor is heading back before new adventures on 15 April. That leaves us here in the office a bit lost without him.
For this specific one-year contract you have to be under 26 (born after 4 April 1985 if you want to be precise), and speak French and English, and be ready to earn just over 1000 smackers in the French capital, as well as get ready to box heads with your future language colleagues about Europeans news, society, politics and culture. Are you ready to run a community of Spanish writers, translators, bloggers, photographers, videomakers...

You can find the full post in Spanish here.

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